Gemstring is collection of uniquely handcrafted jewelry designed and produced by artist and makeup professional Brett Jackson. Featuring the bracelet-cone.jpgoriginal Gemstring of beautiful gemstones associated with certain energy attributes and healing properties that can be worn in a variety of configurations and lengths to complement any fashion style. Choose from an ever expanding selection of fine gemstone necklaces, all hand strung on exceptionally durable and waterproof 100% fine silk cord. By sliding the sizing pearl, they can be worn long, short or choker style.

bracelets for about pageEvery Gemstring piece is hand made exclusively by Brett who individually selects every gemstone and all of the other materials that go into the creation of each unique design. Some pieces contain over 600 individually hand strung beads, gems and fine gold.

Care, quality, attention to detail.

She is constantly creating new looks and concepts including fixed length necklaces, bracelets and feather boutineer's.