artist-b-w.jpgAs a world famous makeup artist for over 20 years, Brett Jackson has been at the very top of the fashion world. From Paris to New York she’s worked with some of the fashion world's most prominent designers such as Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Tory Burch, Elie Tahari, and over six years with Victoria’s Secret. 

In addition to being one most sought after makeup artists in business today, Brett is also an accomplished artist in the mediums of watercolor and jewelry design where her work has been on display in galleries and shops from Soho to Martha’s Vineyard. 

Brett designs each piece and personally selects all of the gemstones and materials that go into every Gemstring product. Her line had become so successful just from word of mouth that she was compelled to bring her creations online, making her one of a kind collection more easily accessible to a wider audience.