Gemstring Care

Regular Cleaning and Cleansing

Crystal cleaning is most important if you are a regular crystal wearer or user. Crystals absorb toxic vibrations from its user as well as from the environment.

My three simple cleaning techniques will safely ensure your Gemstring necklace will be “cleaned” and recharged. Choose your preferred method below as there is no need to do more than one type per treatment.

1. Sunlight: place your Gemstring in a sunny spot to sunbathe for at least four hours. Make sure it is not reachable by children or pets.

*Darker gemstones benefit more from moonlight or saltwater cleansing.

2. Moonlight: If you are blessed with ample moonlight, this is an ideal opportunity to leave your Gemstring safely inside a windowsill on a bright moonlit night. The compassionate energy of the moon is considered rare and lucky for cleaning all types of crystals.

3. Saltwater: My personal favorite, saltwater cleansing need not wait for either a sunny day or moonlit night and can be done quickly and easily! Since my “day job” involves being around upwards of 20+ people at a time., I have often returned home after work and given my Labradorite a nice salt water bath to clear out all the mixed energies I may have encountered from my day.

Quick Cleaning 

Apart from using these methods to clean toxic energies off your Gemstring, using a mild saltwater solution is a quick remedy.

My preferred technique is to make a little salt paste in the palm of your hand, gently rub that on your gem, then rinse in warm water. Buff dry with a soft towel. One last tip for clearing your gem which can be done even while wearing is to simply rub the stone between your thumb and index finger. Folklore has it that this was the preferred method of the native Americans.